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    Hey guys, I've been an android user since like forever, but I cant seem to figure this phone out.

    I received the Android 6.0 OTA, updated, did a factory reset afterwards, and now the phone is way worse than it was on 5.1.

    For starters, the data icon wont go away, even when it's disabled. I cant really tell if that is a design option or just a bug.

    GSAM tells me that the the phone is staying awake most of the time (i.e. from a 18 hours runtime, 16 hours the phone is awake)
    It wont tell me what is keeping the phone awake as I havent rooted it nor do I plan to (yet)
    And of course, the battery drains horribly fast.
    I've tried everything, fresh start after another factory reset, no sync, restricted data, uninstalling apps, and so on. but the problem wont go away.

    Also, its me or the sensor next to the camera gets scratched really really fast?

    Greenify doesnt help either, thoughts? have any of you guys experienced the same?
    06-14-2016 02:19 PM

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