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    So just today (June 14th), on my Galaxy Note 5 N920I (Android Marshmallow), a lot of my apps started to crash. Here's a list:

    Google Opinions
    Google Play Store
    Best Buy

    Now, the first thing I did was to wipe the cache and data of Google Play Services, then Services Framework. After that didn't work, I did the same for all the Google Apps.

    One that didn't work, I tried to wipe the cache partition, which did not solve the problem.

    Then I tried uninstalling Google Play Services Updates and reinstalling via an APK. This also did not work.

    I then tried removing my Google Account, which was a huge mistake. I now cannot add my Google Account or even log into the Play Store because, each time, I am hit with the error "Unfortunately, Google Play Services has Stopped".

    So now I am locked out of any Google Apps and most of the apps on my phone will no longer work as Google Play Services crashes as soon as they try to load.

    I now have no other solutions that I know of. Any insight would be most appreciated.

    06-14-2016 07:18 PM

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