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    My Note 4 is an unlocked SM-910F version, about 20 months old. For the last few months (possibly after the 5.0.1 update?), I have been having this problem where the battery drains normally until going below 10 to 30% (it varies), and then the phone abruptly shuts off. When I turn it on again, the battery says 0% and it immediately shuts off. Sometimes after the initial shutoff it will go into a boot loop (so it clearly has a bit more juice than 0%!).

    I figured it could be a bad battery, but my wife bought her Note 4 at the same time and hers also has this issue (she also updated). This makes me wonder if it is a software problem, as I would think the odds of two batteries going bad at the same time are slim. I have tried "calibrating" by charging to 100% with the phone off, but this does work. I have also wiped the cache and did a factory reset (which apparently does NOT remove the major Android updates).

    Has anyone experienced a similar problem and found a solution that doesn't involve rooting the phone or sending it back to Samsung to have them wipe Android 5 off?

    06-15-2016 10:47 AM
  2. H3aTeRzz's Avatar
    Hi there! If you haven't tried a factory reset, I would certainly do so, as many times issues occur, after major updates, and they can only be fixed by one of two options, see below, hopefully the first one works for you!

    1. Enter Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition - No Data Loss
    2. Full Factory Reset, Phone reset as new! Back up your device.

    I totally recommend the 2nd one, but most shy from that, and I can understand.

    Hope this helps!

    06-15-2016 01:06 PM
  3. MattParker3's Avatar
    ^ Did you even read what he wrote? OP specifically said, "I have also wiped the cache and did a factory reset".
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    10-08-2016 01:09 AM

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