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    I've been helping my sister recover her account for an app. Unfortunately, in order to find this information, I must go into the code/raw data of this game because her tablet screen does not work and her tablet does not turn on. It is absolutely broken. I tried to find a way to root it that does not require me to physically touch the tablet screen because well... I can't. Unfortunately, all the rooting websites I found so far do not offer help for those who cannot touch their tablet's screen. What I am trying to ask is if any of you know any sites or something that can help me root my sister's tablet so that way I can go into the code, pull out what I need, tell Support it, and get my sister her account. And yes, I do have a USB cord that I am able to use to connect her tablet to my computer.

    Please remember I cannot use her screen and casting her screen onto my computer can possibly corrupt or damage the information I am trying to get. If casting the screen onto my computer makes the whole rotting system go a lot more smoothly and will display the code without possibly destroying anything, I am open to trying it, but it will be a last resort.

    Her tablet is a Trio AXS 4G.
    06-16-2016 01:57 AM

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