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    When a call comes in on my phone, and my Bluetooth headset is on and paired, I can answer by either (1) saying "answer" or (2) pressing the answer button.

    But, when i do either, the call is then on the phone, not the headset. I seem to have to push the answer button a second time to get the call into the headset (and same for outgoing calls).

    This is a new behavior that suddenly started happening, previously i just answered on the headset and the call was there. Have no idea why behavior changed.

    Question - Is there an options menu that says "call on phone" vs "Call on headset" or something like that. The "Bluetooth" menu (where you pair) does not have such an option. I was wondering if something in options on the phone got "screwed up". The headset itself does not appear to be malfunctioning.

    Any thoughts?

    06-16-2016 09:15 PM

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