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    I am a new Android user. I have new Samsung S4, running Android 5.0.1. A number of pre-installed apps came on my phone, and i've been trying to remove or at least disable them. Most of them i can't uninstall (there is no uninstall button through the App Manager), but i can Disable.

    However, there are some that i can't even disable. There are two of particular note. One called Kids Mode. I've never used it, have no intention over ever using it. Through the App Manager, i can Force Stop, but the Disable button is disabled. So i can't disable it, nor remove it.

    Similarly, the Samsung Hub can't be disabled or removed. And this one makes even less sense because when you run it it says the application is no longer supported. If it's no longer supported, why do they insist of keeping it on the machine?

    Any advice? Thanks!

    06-17-2016 01:12 PM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    It's called bloatware, and you can't remove unless you root the device usually....
    06-18-2016 04:53 AM

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