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    I got my A10-70F tablet for Christmas, it was working fine till a couple days ago when some kind of system update went through. Now it will open none of my game apps (just goes to a blank screen and says they are not responding). It also will not shut down and restart, I always have to hard start it by pushing the power button and even that takes a long time. All I can use it for now is to browse the internet, which is worthless since I mainly used it to play games. In despair I did a factory reset and that seemed to work at first, I redownloaded a game and played for a few minutes then as I was downloading another game, a system update message popped up. It updated again without my approval and once again the ONE app I had managed to download will not work. How do I stop these hellish updates from coming through and destroying my tablet? DO NOT WANT! (Sorry for the excitement but my husband spent a fortune on this thing and it is now virtually useless again).
    06-17-2016 01:13 PM

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