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    Hello Explerts

    I am using Android Galaxy Core 2 since from 2 yrs

    from last two months U am facing a issue regarding Wifi and Hotsopt.

    My issue is:
    I am unable to use share it as when I turned on it is not finding any device. I reinstalled app from google app. even though it has same problem. I check My phone and there the hotspot is turned of HALF? I mean the hotspot buttun in showing shading green color. when I turn on Wifi, at that time poppup came as"turning on wifi will turns off hotspot" I click OK. than wifi is about to turn on but here wifi also turned on Half?. ( not turning on nor off, looks like stuck in between)

    I tried by factory reset, updating with OS by flash... NO USE.

    Can anybody has solution for it? please let me know. I am keen of trial and error method...

    06-18-2016 05:38 AM

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