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    I have had Case-Mate Tough cover for my Galaxy S2 and S4, and now I want something as sturdy and safe again.

    This is one of the options: Case-Mate Tough Case
    This is another: Spigen Rugged Armor:

    I can't link, sadly.

    Why I like tough covers:
    - The phone gets easier to hold, thicker
    - The glass is better protected from drops, since the "rubber" meets the surface before the glass
    - The phone is better protected, since there will be bumps etc.

    What I fear:
    - The S7 Edge can't be protected as well, since the edge screens will have to be exposed so they are viewable and touchable.
    - Some of the rubber parts on the S4 Case-Mate cover I had were too thin, so after a short while these rubber parts broke (the ones at the head phone slot e.g.).

    Are these good examples of proper tough cases, or should I consider others?
    06-19-2016 03:00 AM

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