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    It's been a while since I used my Chromecast devices, but last time I did (summer 2015) everything worked ok and I haven't changed anything in my setup.
    When casting from the chrome browser extension on my windows 10 laptop (screen cast), everything works ok (video & audio).
    When casting from the Google cast app in my Galaxy S5, everything works ok.
    Youtube and Netflix Apps on my Galaxy works ok.

    Most other 3rd party cast enabled apps does not produce any audio, but video / images always works.

    What I see is that when running various music apps with casting support, the progress bar runs ok and the album art shows up on the chromecast, but no sound. Often, the chomecast screen shows the speaker with a little 'x' next to it, and there is no way to unmute inside these apps.
    I have the same problem from windows apps that used to work just fine earlier.

    Also I have seen that there is a new updated GUI in the cast extension in google chrome browser on WIndows 10. Now it opens with a small window where you can unmute and set volume. This was not there last year, so obviously things have changed.

    I also find that when using 3rd party apps (both on Android and Windows) the chromecast automatically invoke a mute when you press 'pause' in the app. Pressing 'play' again does not automatically unmute and adjusting volume also does not unmute.

    Several android apps rely on the volume button on the galaxy as the only means of adjusting the volume, but this no longer works with the chromecast. Pressing volume up/down only adjusts ringtone volume. Even if I manually go to media volume and adjust it, nothing happens on the chromecast.

    This is not the first time I experience that when Google update their software for the chromecast, things stop working.
    To me it seems that important API elements has been changed and the wast community of 3rd party apps now has been thrown out in the dark. Only the big guys like Youtube (Google owned), Netflix and a few others work.
    06-21-2016 01:27 AM

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