1. AC Question's Avatar
    My LG Escape II only has 13.57 MB left and 5 GB of the the max storage ( 8 GB ) is in its System data. I only have 2 apps installed, ones that are important and only take up 2 GB. My main question is, can I delete the System Data without damaging my phone?
    06-21-2016 04:45 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! No. The 5 GB represents the OS and important associated data. You're encountering the main problem with phones that come with small amounts of internal storage--lack of space to install apps. Unless you have Marshmallow and the ability to use the SD card as Adoptable Storage, you're limited to using the small amount of internal storage for your app installation. In the future, a good rule of thumb is to get a phone with as much internal storage as you can comfortably afford. 16 GB is felt to be the absolute bare minimum these days.

    See this guide for some tips on how to maximize what little internal storage you have: http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...-warnings.html
    06-21-2016 05:12 PM

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