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    I have my "heart" set on this watch. I went from the Asus Zenwatch 2, Moto 360 2, Moto 360 Sport, and then I found this. I was a little sad to find that this did not have a heart rate sensor, but I figured most of the sensors you find on wearables are not truly accurate anyway (well they could be accurate, but there were lawsuits against FitBit over wildly inaccurate HR sensors, so I have some trust issues).

    I found a great deal for a SW3 at Sam's Club for $100 with two memberships that I wont use. It is actually still a better deal over the Zenwatch 2 because it has basically the same specs, but it has GPS and is cheaper while still being made the year before.

    Now back to the original question. I would like to get a heart rate band that I could wear during a workout, but be pretty inexpensive and slim enough be to be forgotten when worn. This might be a little but too much to ask, but I am hopeful.

    I was looking into the Mi Band pulse 1st gen. It is a very slim profile and relatively cheap compared to a strap. I have seen a lot of mixed reviews across the board and was wondering what you guys thought.

    Thank you in advance.
    06-21-2016 06:05 PM

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