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    I need some advice quick. Yesterday I sold my HTC M9 and today I am going to purchase a new phone. I wish AT&T was still selling the HTC phones but they are not. I would like to get the HTC 10 but for some reason AT&T decided not to carry them any longer. So I am left with the option of the S7 Edge and the Priv. I chose those two phone because of their 5.5 screen size. I want something just a bit bigger than my M9. I really want the Priv because I am an old Blackberry user from way back in the day of those "hockey-puck" phones...I just love Blackberry's. But I apprehensive about this years model because I have heard they need some refinement. So I was thinking about the S7 Edge, but people have told me that the wrap around screen can be a little bothersome with indirect contact on the edges of the screen (which the Priv could also have that issue because the screen are both alike). I do like the the slide out keyboard on the Priv as my big fingers can type a little easier, but that is just a convenience, not a deal breaker. I do like the water proofing the Samsung has but I wonder in my line of work as a building contractor how well either of these phone can be fitted with a case rugged enough to my liking?

    I would like some feedback from yall if at all possible

    06-23-2016 12:12 AM

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