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    The problem: My phones texting app is constantly crashing anywhere from 10 minutes of use to an hour of use. The only recourse that seems to fix it is powering the phone off and on.

    Things I have noticed: When the messages crash all previous conversation history disappears till i have restarted it. The messaging apps tried 70% of the time well still open after a crash, but it wont allow a conversation to be started. If I can get it to open up a dialog box for text it well never send it.

    What I have tried: I have of course done my research before coming to the forums for help. That said i've tired clearing the chased data, freeing up 1.9GB of free space in the internal storage with an additional 49GB on an SD card. I have downloaded another SMS app to test if it was the stock messaging app itself having the issue. I have deleted all old and saved texts. I have updated to the latest firmware (on this though the phone did crash on the update but when i go to update it again the phone insists i have the latest firmware and doesn't seem to report any problems)
    I have thought about resetting to factory but if at all possible i would like to avoid that step unless its the last resort as its timely to set up from scratch with all the old data and applications.
    06-25-2016 12:43 PM

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