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    I can't find anywhere on the 'net this happening to anyone else. So here goes.

    I had well over 1,000 downloads, many of them photos or memes, saved to the 'downloads' section of my 'gallery' screen on my Samsung Galaxy S4.

    Today I spent a crazy amount of time going through every single one by using the checkmark option for mass delete. Well it turns out the photos and downloads I pressed delete for got SAVED, and the ones I LEFT UNCHECKED in order to keep them, got deleted! I am so mad.

    I really hate the Galaxy for pulling this kind of junk, I know people love all the Galaxies but man, this is a really buggy thing for a phone to do.

    Also, I know there are tons of tips on here for recovering lost images, but is there something I can do to just reverse my phone mixing up my DELETE with my KEEP gallery pics? SO MAD.

    06-26-2016 12:56 AM

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