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    I got a Motorola Moto G 3rd generation with 16gb and 2 gb ram with android 6, it's a wonderful mobile but I've a sadly trouble with SD Card, I got a "SanDisk Ultra Imaging MicroSDHC 32 GB 80 MB/sec, UHS-I Class 10", it's a good sd card but my phone told me that's too slow (and other troubles like duplicated files, disconnected and nerver riconnected etc...), than when it give me some troubles, like sd card disconnect and reconnect just I changed it with a "Lexar High-performance microSDXC 64 GB, 633x, 95 MB/s, UHS -I" that I use with my GoPro Hero3 BE and it's a good and fast SD Card.

    When I change SD Card I restore to factory my phone and when the SD card was recognize I told to format it as part of system, I used my mobile for about 2 months without trouble, sometime it restart but looks like nothin strange, sometime it doesn't see my sd card immediately but just after a reboot or some seconds, until yesterday...
    Not my motorola doesn't see my SD Card, i tried to reboot, to shutdown, to remove sd card and insert it again, I tried to insert another sd card (it was recognized) and than my sd card back, I tried to insert it on my computer (and it was recognize but I can't access to my files) and than back on the mobile, but nothing...

    Not I'm keeping my motorola turn off waiting to find a solution, I don't want loose my files and I want to use my sd card...

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you
    06-26-2016 05:52 AM
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    that's a my post, can moderator give my name to the post? :P
    06-26-2016 05:54 AM

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