07-10-2016 08:35 AM
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  1. jsigmo's Avatar
    Just another update from me.

    Version 9.2.56 is working fine for me still

    Google Play Services doesn't even show up on my battery usage graphs. Phone calls, display, etc., are what have used the battry for me so far today. It has been on battery for over eight hours, and voice calls have accounted for 59% of the usage, visual voicemail (retrieving a number of mesages) has used 15%, screen 8%, cell standby 8%, etc.

    So for me, it appears that updating the operating system to the very latest available version, and doing a factory reset cured the problem.

    That doesn't definitively show what the exact culprit was, because so much gets cleaned out and updated by doing those steps. But it suggests that the new version of Google Play Services is incompatible with the older operating system version I had been running on this phone.

    My wife's phone was already running this newer OS version, and hers has not suffered from any of this.

    So as much effort as it is, it may be worth backing your phone up, doing a factory reset, and loading the very latest operating system version. So far, so good on mine, anyhow.

    Tabbed in.
    07-08-2016 11:21 PM
  2. robertrj's Avatar
    Thanks for the update, jsigmo.

    This really seems the issue. From what I have been seeing in other forums as well, the 9.2.56 version is the one to blame for battery consumption. Many users said that after removing it, battery problem stops, as well as some other issues that follow it (like significant phone heating and heavy usage that makes interface slow to use). Of course, without Google Play Services many apps stop working, restraining the phone capabilities.

    Using an older version seems to work for me, but for that I had to stop some sync features,or else the older version is automatically updated, even if you configure to not auto update apps. This is already an issue in my opinion: I know some apps are part of the Android core structure, but still I believe that this kind of update should not be automatic. From what I understand, if I'm not in wifi and there is an update, those apps will download those files (which sometimes are not small), thus consuming data that I had not authorized. Anyway, not sure if this kind of auto update respect the network configurations, since it is possible to update apps in wifi only (but not sure if this is considered in this case).

    Anyway, for me this old version of Google Play Services has not caused any problems. I can still use some of the Google apps, such as Gmail, using a manual sync of my messages. Whatsapp seems ok too, I get messages in my phone even with Backgroud Data deactivated. Google Play Store is a little problematic, that requests to turn on that Background Data to be able to access the store and to download apps, and in this process Google Play Services is again updated, bringing back the battery issues.

    Other one is Google Talk, requesting the Background Data to be on. I know, this is an old app, it was replaced by Hangouts, but honestly I prefer the smiles back there, like in this forum . Still, I can live without it in my phone.

    I was thinking about a system upgrade, but personally I'm not very interested on that. In my case, I have a Galaxy Ace Plus 2, and it would be updated to Jelly Bean, and I have read some reviews over the internet about this system being too heavy for this phone. I'm afraid that following this procedure would solve the Google Play Services problem but bring me a new one, with a phone being too slow to use. Maybe I'm overreacting, but for now the old system seems ok, working nicely.

    Anyway, I would still like to hear a word from Google. It really seems like there is a big incompatibility between the newest Google Play Services version and older systems, but it is not clear if this is a bug that should (and hopefully will) be fixed, or if this is the expected behavior. I understand how software works, and specially today developers usually stop support to older versions of hardware and software. I hope it is not it, because I believe there are lots of people that still have older phones, who don't want or even can't upgrade to newer phones. Still, if this is the case, would be nice to let the users know. This way, each one can decide what to do... Like, trying a system update, getting a new phone or letting it how it is.

    If this is the case, Google should at least keep separate versions in the store. I don't know, seems like something easy to achieve, I have tried to install many apps and even before downloading it says it is not compatible with my system. Maybe somethign similar should be done with Google Play Services, allowing its update only if the phone's system is compatible with this update.
    07-10-2016 08:35 AM
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