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    I was given a JBL flip speaker that came on its own and so had to hunt for a charger and finally found one today. I think that I'm quite technically capable of using Bluetooth products but I'm stumped and ive been trying to get this JBL flip speaker to work since this morning. I can't believe how limited the know how and help available regards to pairing the JBL flip with smartphones and my phone is an Alcatel one touch and there is no knowledge about how to use the JBL l flip with this phone. I firstly can someone tell me is the JBL flip portable and therefore once recharged doesn't need the mains cable as Ive had the speaker on charge and the minute I take the mains out it doesn't switch on, secondly I have a message on the Bluetooth menu that says the speaker is connected but I can't hear any sound when I play music or when I make a call. Something is definitely happening as I can hang up when I'm making a call by long pressing the phone button the other slightly strange thing is that when I connect my phone to the speaker using an AUX lead still no sound comes out is it possibly because it's charging????? Can someone please help me before I throw both my phone and speaker out of my window..... Amber and lastly how do I know when the speaker is fully charged because the on/off button starts flashing red so I thought maybe this means the speaker is fully charged but the minute I remove the mains cable I'm not able to get any light from the on/off button and no power. I when I plug the charger back into the speaker the light then stops blinking red and just stays red. I've even downloaded 6 or 7 different pdf hoping the answer is somewhere in the manuals. Im starting to wonder now there was probably a good reason I was given this as in maybe it doesn't work. I will not give up hope yet
    06-28-2016 03:54 PM

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