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    I've YUREKA+ smartphone and since yesterday, I'm facing this weird issue.

    On turning ON my phone, it shows the YU logo and then soon reboots again and again and again... Some time it reboots at the boot logo, some time it reaches till the lock screen and then reboots.

    However, when I keep it on charging and turn it ON, it works without any issues.


    1. Facing boot loops.
    2. TWRP boots without issues but while flashing ROM (except AOSParadox, no idea why) or kernel, it reboots.
    3. While restoring through TWRP backup.
    4. While wiping cache and dalvik.
    5. Wiping Cache & dalvik cache became very fast, damn fast. It happens in just 5-10 seconds.

    Except point 5, none of these issues happen while charging.

    There are only two reasons which I guess might have caused any issue-

    1. I had flashed an custom ROM, which was charging my phone pretty fast (though, battery drain was also high). And many people has increased charging speed to 1.5 Ampere (it's 900 mA by default and stock charger is 1.5 Ampere/h).

    2. I had flashed an custom kernel, which was causing bootloop in my phone.


    Please help. I don't wanna take it to service center as they take months to send back the phone.
    06-29-2016 12:30 AM
  2. AlphaTango414's Avatar
    Replace the battery and do not try to "over clock" your charging amps.
    06-29-2016 05:23 AM

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