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    So today my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was working fine until about 11ish when the phone just stopped reading the Samsung Charger, I tried moving the charger around and got nothing. When that didnt work I grabbed my fathers generic charger (some type from verizon) he has an s4 which works fine with this charger, i plugged it in and instantly the device began to lag and vibrate rapidly, soon a message came up about phone power sharing, at 1 percent I quickly turned the phone into Ultra Power Saving mode to try and save it but it died. No charger worked but then I apparently jimmied the Samsung charger just right and got it to turn on, now oddly at 99%. The charger worked but the phone heated up very rapidly, i quickly uploaded as many pictures as I could before at 60% (About 2 minutes has passed since turning back on at 99%) the charger stopped working, and at 54% (About a minute after hitting 60%) the phone flashed and shut off. Currently as of writing this when I plug a charger in very quickly the battery with the lightning bolt appears but then goes away without charging. I know the phone is probably gonna need to be replaced but I'm curious if anyone knows what happened and what caused this. Thanks
    06-29-2016 12:43 AM
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    Hi and welcome to Android Central. Please create an account with us so you can participate in this thread. Have you tried using a wireless charger to see if this properly powers up the phone (and holds a charge) as it sounds like either the charging port or the cable has the issues. Once you power the phone up, try boot into safe mode to see if that works. If it works then a 3rd party app is causing the issue.
    07-05-2016 09:03 AM

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