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    Hello to all,

    I'm experiencing a weird behavior in my Android phone, with a huge battery drain, possibly caused by Google Play Services and Google Services. To make it easier to explain, my situation here is a list of some information:

    - My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, has about 3 years old
    - I'm running Android 2.3.6
    - Auto-sync is always off, just keep the background data option activate
    - Rarely use wifi, mostly when I'm at home, without any signal issues
    - GPS is usually off, I only turn it on in some car trips, very rarely
    - Location services are always off

    Usually with these settings, I always managed to keep my phone running for more than a day. In general, I turn it off when I go to sleep, but sometimes I forgot. Still, battery usage was not significant when I wake up. My phone has few apps, nothing too heavy in my opinion.

    I have some apps for maintenance, thought it was worth to name them:

    - I keep Avast antivirus, with shields on, but running scan manually from time to time
    - I have Juice Defender, that is supposed to help saving battery
    - Also, have 3G Watchdog to keep an eye on my data consumption
    - Finally, I have Clean Master, but with all its automatic features off. From time to time I use the junk cleaner, and the memory boost when I feel RAM usage is high.

    Important to notice that I have these apps since the beginning, and never noticed them with high RAM usage or affecting battery life.

    Recently I bought a SD card to store my pictures.

    Since last week, I have noticed that my phone was heating a lot. At first, I thought it could be a battery problem. But then I decided to look at RAM usage in Clean Master, noticing Google Play Services was using a lot (at first, it was at the excluded list). Added to the list and cleaned RAM.

    Still, battery drain was above normal. From the typical scenario that it was lasting more than a day, it was almost empty in 4 hours! Checking at the Battery status, I could see it sometimes occupying almost 90% of battery.

    I tried to look at internet and look for suggestions. It seems that many other people are suffering from that,some claim they have solved it after a factory reset, something I would like to avoid for now.

    I even tried to uninstall Google Play Services, and then reinstall it from Play Store. Strange enough, now it does not appear at Battery list, but now a plain Google Services shows as top battery drainer. Was thinking of doing the same, but couldn't find it in Playstore.

    I have tried to check many options. For example, I tried the Custom Power Saving feature, but still no help. Strangely enough, after trying this option, my screen now dims a little after some seconds, and then it goes off. But, when I press the home button some seconds after it turns off, instead of going to lock screen it just returns to the previous screen I was. This is a behavior I never noticed before...

    Also tried to clean Google Play Store cache. It occupies almost 100 Mb, cache is 47 Mb itself. But as soon as I clean it, I notice it growing again.

    Today I'm trying with Energy Saving mode, after charging my battery to 100% all night. It seems it helped a little, but even after other charging at work, now battery is almost over.

    Can anybody give me a suggestion?
    06-29-2016 08:36 PM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    Can you post your battery stats?
    06-29-2016 11:28 PM
  3. robertrj's Avatar
    Sure, I was trying to post it yesterday, but my connection was too slow at home. Those images were obtained yesterday, before going to sleep.

    Battery draining very fast, seems related to Google Services-sc20160629-220845.png
    Battery draining very fast, seems related to Google Services-sc20160629-220852.png
    Battery draining very fast, seems related to Google Services-sc20160629-220952.png

    Right now I'm using that EnergySaver feature (the green battery icon at top). Made a full charge in the morning before work, right after lunch now it is 43%... A little better than before, but still draining faster than usually did.

    I noticed many people complaining about this new Google Play Services, that may be causing it. I also have a Samsung tablet (Galaxy Tab S, wi-fi only), and noticed the same version of this software. I know it is a newer technology, but at that tablet Google Play Services uses almost no battery, and there I have some sync features activated (as gmail with auto sync), although I have configured it to turn off wi-fi when sleeping.

    Thanks in advance for the help.
    06-30-2016 10:54 AM
  4. Old Stoneface's Avatar
    That used to happen to me with my HTC Sensation 4G. Here's what I'd have to do to clear it:
    • Settings -> Applications -> Google Play Services -> Clear Data
    • Settings -> Accounts -> Google -> Remove
    • Reboot
    • Re-add Google account and check that Play Services syncs without error

    I haven't had the problem with Google Play Services acting up like that since I upgraded to a Moto G (2013) three years ago or so.
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    06-30-2016 11:30 AM
  5. robertrj's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip, Old Stoneface. But I couldn't do that...

    I have two accounts on my phone, my personal one and the work one. First, I removed the work account, with no problems. But then, as I tried to remove my personal account, it says it is used for some applications and can only be removed with a factory reset. And I would like to leave it as last resort...

    Not sure if it worth to say.. But I tried to clear data from Google Play Services. It clears it, but as soon as I go back to the app list, I notice its size grows back to the same as before, even if I'm not connected.

    Well... Still trying with EnergySaver, and for now I will keep only my personal account. I used my work account mostly for calendar events, maybe it is because there are lots of events there...

    Thanks for the help, but anyone has any other ideas?
    06-30-2016 06:39 PM
  6. ZacZab's Avatar
    Same phone model (Samsung I8160), same android version, same problem from a few days (battery runs out in 4 hours)
    No benefit from clearing cache and data.
    Can't remove Google account without a factory reset.
    I tried to uninstall Google Play Services and all seemed to work reasonably well (sync contacts, calendar and gmail), but after two hours the Google Play Services app was installed again and was draining battery a lot.
    I think I'll try a factory reset this weekend, but I fear it will not be the solution.
    07-01-2016 05:22 AM
  7. robertrj's Avatar
    I see, ZacZab. I never tried to fully uninstall it, only made a reinstall of Google Play Services. But it keeps creating those files. Seems like it is impossible to remove it.

    What I'm trying now is to make phone almost without any kind of sync. I only had the background sync, which I understand is responsible for some apps to receive messages and such. For example, noticed that by deactivating that I don't get Whatsapp messages when they are sent, only if I turn on the app itself. Something that sounds stupid for me, but I just want to see if this background sync is also responsible for the battery drain. For now, noticed a slight improvement, but this is not the desirable solution, specially considering that two weeks ago it worked just fine.

    I'm also not very confident about the factory reset, want to try all I can before this. I think I will even try to keep it in airplane mode this weekend for a while, to see how it behaves. Let me know if a factory reset worked for you.

    What makes me really worried is to notice that many people started to have this problem at same time, as soon as Google updated this Play Services... As I said, I also have a tablet, it has updated the same app, and battery consumption due to it is almost none! Of course my tablet has a new Android system, but still...

    Makes me wonder if this app update was meant to make older Android versions impossible to use, thus forcing us to get a new phone...
    07-01-2016 06:34 PM
  8. robertrj's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips, Droid Geek.

    But, at first, it is important to notice that I had all those apps before this problem has started. I understand they consume RAM, but never to reach a level to exhaust my battery in 4 hours. Thus, I understand they are not the cause of the battery draining too fast. Surely, if I uninstall them, RAM consumption (as well as baterry's) would reduce.

    If you take a look at the images I posted, you will see those apps don't even appear in battery consumption list, which shows in my opinion their usage is too small.

    Google Play Services is the one causing it. As it is being said in many other forums, and considering the problem started exactly at the same date the 9.2.56 version was updated...

    Anyway, I forgot to post here, but I managed to find a solution:

    > First, I have deactivated all kind of sync features, like background data, location, account synchronization, etc.
    > Also, in the Google Play Store app, I turned off all the automatic updates, as well as notifications of new versions.
    > As recommended at one forum I searched, I search in the Internet for an older Google Play Services apk, specifically from version 7.3.29. Downloaded it straight from my phone
    > In my particular case, I had to allow the installation of apps that are not from Google Play (Settings > Applications > Unknown Sources)
    > To avoid any connection, I put my phone in Airplane Mode. Thus, wifi and data completely off (to make sure the battery draining app wouldn't be downloaded without my consent again)
    > Back to Settings > Applications, I uninstalled the Google Play Services that has been causing me so much trouble
    > Searching at my download folder, I installed the apk from the older version (I used the default Android apk installation feature, there were others too)
    > Restarted my phone, and then turned off Airplane Mode.

    This way I managed to get my phone back to the same behavior (and I believe, better), with my battery lasting 1,5 days. No need of removing the apps above, no need of factory reset.

    Many other users are complaining about this new Google Play Services version, it really sounds as a buggy version.
    07-19-2016 10:56 AM

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