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    This might be lengthy or complicated but if anyone could help me out I'd be so grateful!!
    I've have my Note 4 since about April/May 2015. Never dropped it, got it wet, nothing.
    About only a month or so ago I noticed whenever my battery was around 15%-5% and I opened an application that used a camera like snapchat: it'd shut off and die. It got to the point it'd shut off even if my battery was at 40%. My boyfriend was kind enough to buy me a new battery and that solved the problem. After that, it began randomly restarting itself. (It was the correct kind of battery so that wasn't the problem) it started about 2 weeks ago and at first it had only happened about 1-2 times a day. By just a couple days ago, I couldn't even count how many times it'd freeze/lag/restart. I'd always have to take the battery out and pop it back in. A few times it took me into downloading mode and I exited by removing the battery. Now at this point I knew I had to back up my photos and do a factory reset as it was my only and last option. Sadly before I could get to my computer to back up my photos, my phone restarted. But this time, when it came back on, it had FACTORY RESET ITSELF. Words could not describe how upset I was. I had a year+ worth of memories in photos and videos. All of them gone forever.
    It was just about 2gb... but it was of my baby nieces and nephews growing up. Long friends I'm no longer close with. It hit me so hard I threw a fist into my bed; I wanted to do it to the wall but alas people were asleep. When the hit didn't satisfy my anger I silently wept until I fell asleep. Which, I recall never having experienced that sort of frustration that led to those things before.
    When I woke up the next morning I sorrowfully searched low and high for solutions or even people who have had the same problems while I simultaneously set up my phone. Nothing.
    Here's the thing: not only is it still restarting, lagging, but despite everything of mine being wiped; it shows I have even LESS memory than before. Before, when I had ALL of my data, I had 10gb free. After everything was wiped, I have only 5gb free. (My hypothesis is that maybe the memory is like that because all of my media is still there just hidden?...)
    It shows that I have 0gb in both audio and media. But I have a crazy extra amout of gbs being "used" by apps. But I only have a handful of apps that add up to about 2gb give or take AT MOST. There are no extra apps that have been added. No extra room being taken up by system memory, it still stands at 7gb as it did when I first got the phone. The fact I don't have MORE free room is what's confusing.
    I've tried 3 data recovery apps but alas nothing could find my lost media. I even became so desperate to find one that worked I almost rooted my device (as the majority of them require that)
    I don't want to root my device at all.
    It's a sprint phone, although the data plan is turned off and I only use wifi. So there's no sending it back and getting a new one. I'm not sure what else to ramble about.

    But if anyone knows the problem/has a solution I'd be beyond happy and grateful. Many thanks for even reading this.
    If anyone AT LEAST has an answer as to how to get my photos and videos back that's all I need. I'll live with the constant restarting. I just need a chance to back up those photos and videos.
    06-30-2016 12:48 AM

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