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    My first problem is that the most outer piece of glass on my rear camera on my Samsung galaxy s6 has smashed and i was wondering if someone could give me an estimate of how much this will cost to be repaired.

    My second problem is that the same phone has become really slow to charge and is running down really quickly. Im having to charge it at least twice a day almost fully and the phone is only 6 months old. It did come with a fast charger which accidentally got swapped for a normal charger a few months ago so I've been charging it will an ordinary charger ever since so i wasn't sure if maybe if i use a fast charger it might last longer as the charger I'm using isnt giving as much power or is that completely stupid?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feeling very frustrated especially about the charging problem at the moment
    06-30-2016 03:43 AM

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