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    Hi hope you can help as above title describes problem.

    I am a member of this site my username is miniature45 but I couldnt see a sign in or login page.

    I cannot get rid of the white screen which warns bootloader unlocked so i cannot power it off, even usingn the sequence motorola provided.

    I rooted it last year and had no problems, until an automatic download interrupted things and my screen locked while i was using calendar. I have TWRP installed but dont know which buttons to press after I swipe it open.

    I also downloaded 'unlocked bootloader warning fix' but it got stuck at cmd screen, kept saying 'waiting for device' and I didnt even know whether to plug the phone into the laptop or not. So I abandoned it.

    My "Devices and Drivers" file says 'device driver error' but I don't know which driver to install, could it be the motorola one or another type with the phone being rooted.

    I am tech naiive very much, so I cannot understand XDA and am frightened of hard bricking it.
    Can anyone help because I rely on my phone to remind me of medication times and loads of other stuff

    I'm lost without it as not everyone has computers and tablets etc.

    Please help thanks in advance
    06-30-2016 08:17 AM

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