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    Lately I am experiencing sound/volume problems on my Huawei P8.
    When I am playing audio through my main speaker the sound will suddenly fade away to a minimum or will completely stop. These fades are completely random and can happen directly or after 1 minute or so. This will happen to all the media coming from Deezer, Youtube and my phones audio player.

    When playing youtube for example, the audio will start completely normal at the right volume. Then it will suddenly cut out or fade away while the video keeps playing. Pausing the video for like 5 seconds and then hitting the play button again will cause the audio to return to the desired volume but again, will fade away after a while.

    I do not experience these problems when audio is played through headphones or any bluetooth device.

    Currently I'm running android 6.0 and huawei's own Emui 4.0 interface.
    06-30-2016 03:26 PM

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