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    Hi all,
    So up until recently my Nexus 7 was still bricked from the latest Lollipop update, and I sort of forgotten about it. However since then I became aware of the existence of custom ROMs (I know, I'm way behind) and I downloaded the grouper CyanogenMod 12.1. I wiped the device, unlocked it, installed twrp recovery image and then installed the ROM and just about ANY gapps version I could find. The problem is that no matter which gapps I can find, it will never connect to my account in google. Even worse, I can never even get it to recognize the connection, and I always get a connection problem message... I tried everything out there: the airplane mode, switched network, changed/deleted that hosts file (both in an unrooted device and in a rooted device), checked date and time, the works. I always wiped everything from the device, with the exception of the internal storage, before flashing both the OS and the gapps whenever I would try a new version. Does anyone has ANY solution to this? I don't mind BTW working with another custom ROM, I just want a working tablet, and I need to be able to synchronize my devices via my google account.
    BTW, I am a complete noob in technology so I don't know what kernel I have or if it is of any relevance to here....
    07-02-2016 04:38 PM

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