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    What the heck is going on here with my Nexus tablet?! This is probably the fourth time this tablet has re-set my games that I have played for months, gotten high points...only to have the tablet reset and I loose all my stuff. This last time was a Pottery game that I paid money for to get DLCs for this game and last night we turned it on like we do every night and first thing it did was reset and I lost all my stuff! Even what I paid for..all gone. WHAT IS HAPPENING AND WHY? This resetting seems to happen every time when we first turn the tablet on......and again, it seems to happen after I have played a game for at least two months and had a ton of points and levels played. WHAT DO I DO TO GET BACK MY LOST STUFF?!!! So very mad I keep having this happen and even madder that I paid for things in this pottery game that I totally lost. Darn Nexus tablet! I researched this tablet and thought I bought a good one. It is even a four core so man..talk about disgusted. ARGH! Can I get back all my lost stuff and if so HOW?
    07-04-2016 08:18 AM

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