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    So, A brief background, My phone is a Lenovo Vibe P1, just purchased a little over a month ago. It was in Android L for a while because I opted out of the free updated as I have read there are still some issues yet to be resolved on the M update for my phone model. I used it for less than a month with no issues using android L, and then one day, the symptoms for the sleep of death occurred. I brushed it off because it just happened that morning. Until the symptoms became worse that every time the phone goes into deep sleep, I cannot do a wake lock. The only time that SOD is not occurring is when the phone is plugged in and is charging. So, I cannot replicate the error when my phone is plugged in my computer running LogCat.

    I just want some inputs or some explanation as to why this is happening to my phone. Below is the list of the test cases I have done with the phone, trying to determine the root cause of this issue but still with no luck:

    ** Upgrade from Lollipop to Marshmallow
    ** WiFi (on/off)
    ** Google account sync (on/off)
    ** WiFi always on when sleep (on/off)
    ** WiFi always on (NEVER) when sleep (on/off)
    ** WiFi always on (SMART) when sleep (on/off)
    ** Removed fingerprint/s
    ** Factory reset via settings (thrice)
    ** Factory reset via boot (hangs up before I even do anything)
    ** Turn off all app push notifications
    ** Powersave mode (on/off)

    A little detail on the factory resets:
    1st Factory reset, entered wifi password, logged in google account, updated ALL installed apps (SOD occurred the moment everything was updated)

    2nd Factory reset, entered wifi password, logged in google account, BUT I opted out on updating installed apps (SOD occurred after one hour or so)

    3rd Factory reset, entered wifi password, waited an hour to check for SOD, but none. Logged in my google account and waited an hour again, still no SOD. Deleted bloatware and stock apps, no SOD occurred that night, but SOD occurred in the morning. And happened again and again.

    So, I hope someone in the future sees this thread, know what I did and continue my unsolved journey, somehow maybe we can solve this. But, now. I'll be taking my phone to a service center to have it reflashed or something. Hoping they can fix it.

    Any inputs and comments are welcome. Thank you

    07-05-2016 02:31 AM
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    UPDATE: I noticed my phone does not wipe recent apps after rebooting, SOD caused or not SOD caused, the phone does not wipe recent apps unless of course I wipe it.

    Also, I installed SOD killer from the app store. Silver lining, it works. SOD hasn't been spotted since. Downside though, battery drains fast. I used to observe 2-3 days of battery power. Now, just 1 1/2 day. Also, I can't get the app to autostart, maybe it's a marshmallow thing, because the dev noted the app auto starts, it doesn't bother me anyways unless I forget to start it after booting up.

    So, there's a temp "fix". I'm still gonna take this phone to a service center, see if a total redo of rom flashing would do any good.
    07-07-2016 12:49 AM

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