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    I recently had to replace my headphones for my iPod. So I figured why not use my Samsung earbuds that came with my s7. Only I can't control volume or skip. I know I can easily open the lockscreen and do it. But sometimes at work I get busy and forget. So I was wondering if they only work with the s7 when it comes to skipping songs and controlling the volume ?
    07-05-2016 08:06 AM
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    Unfortunately they do not.

    Apple uses a propriety headphone setup that include volume+, play/pause, volume-. I think it skips if you double tap (or something like that). This is was developed in house by Apple and is specific to Apple devices.

    Samsung, all other android phones, and every other brand in the world uses a setup that doesn't include volume. It is skip-, play/pause, skip+. This is an open standard that everyone but Apple uses. Unfortunately, this means that Apple headphones and 3rd party headphones that work with Apple don't work with anything else. Similarly any headphone built for anything else don't work with Apple. The mic should work, and I think Play/Pause might work, but the other buttons don't. I don't think there are any work-arounds for this or any universal headphones. You just have to get compatible headphones when you make your purchase.

    Edit: By the way, I forgot to say Welcome to Android Central! This is the best and most helpful Android Community on the internet.
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    07-05-2016 01:43 PM

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