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    So I purchased a Note 5 on eBay, because my original Note 5 suffered water damage a week. I spent about $510 on a "refurbished" Note 5, and the eBay seller has good reviews and has been a seller for a few years.

    eBay seller is: omelectronics14

    Luckily, I still have my original note 5 to compare my new one to, and they're very similar but have some differences.

    My new Note 5 was made in Korea while my original from AT&T is from Taiwan.

    My new Note 5's IMEI on the case is different from the IMEI on the phone. Both IMEI's are authentic when I look them up online. I connected it to Kies, and Kies told me it was only compatible with Smart Switch; Smart Switch does detect my phone.

    The look of the camera on the new Note 5 is different from the camera on my original Note 5. The camera and screen on the new phone seems to be of decent quality, but I can't compare it to my original since it doesn't work anymore.

    The S Pen is also different between the two phones; however, the S Pen is functional on the new phone.

    Finally, the home button on the new phone is level with the rest of the phone, while the home button on my original phone is raised from the phone surface - it sticks out on the original.

    Basically, my finding is inconclusive.

    I'm not sure if these differences are because they are manufactured from countries.
    07-05-2016 04:36 PM

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