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    I have an LG G4 with latest version of Android. This is a replacement one as my previous one broke and Sprint did typical swap out for refurbrished.

    On all my prior phones google apps worked fine. Now with the replacement phone it WILL NOT SYNC. It displays my account name correctly BUT:

    * My contacts wont load.
    * I cant access my Google Music (that I uploaded and could play on all other phones).
    * Gmail wont even load. Immediately crashes and says GMAIL has stopped

    Frequently get a message that says GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES HAS STOPPED

    When I go into settings it says THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH SYNC, WILL RETURN LATER, (this has been for like 2 months now)

    Somehow, I CAN access my google drive though.

    Ive deleted and re logged into google several times.

    Anything other than a factory reset I can do?
    07-05-2016 05:38 PM

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