1. ikissfutebol's Avatar
    I'm a long time faithful user of Windows Phone 7, 8, and 10. After putting the official update for 10 on my unlocked Lumia 735, my phone has turned to utter junk crashing, randomly resetting, and turning unresponsive. I'm looking at trying out Android since I know Microsoft is essentially waiting for UWP's to catch up the app gap before they really do much new with 10 on phones or release a Surface phone next year.

    My budget is about $200 (US) and I'm on Cricket Wireless. I would prefer a 4.5"-5" screen, but realize the new thing is for screens closer to 5.5" as the norm so I guess that's fine, too. I have a toddler so I want a camera that is good and responsive- something the default Windows 10 camera app hasn't been.

    I know there are lots of smaller OEM options, but as I found with my Microcenter-branded super cheap Windows 8.1 tablet, getting at least security and firmware updates, if necessary, typically happens with either monster issues or the bigger OEMs. So right now I'm looking mainly between a Moto G3 (with 2 RAM/16 storage) or the Moto G4 (with 16 storage). I would be happy to wait for the Moto G4 Play, but it seems like it will be a step down from the G3 and only really net me a possibility of Nougat. If I go the G4 route, I would pre-order from Best Buy and get the $50 gift card.

    I guess my wants are -
    **Reliable (no history of tons of crashes, unresponsiveness, nor missing firmware updates)
    **Something that can take some beating from a grabby toddler
    **Good camera
    **Marshmallow or later (for Doze) - if in the case of the G3, the update was already officially released so that's fine
    **microSD slot
    **LTE compatibility on Cricket
    07-06-2016 09:54 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! The Honor 5X (from Huawei) is worth considering. It lists for $199, but can sometimes be found for less. Excellent build quality, SD slot, should be compatible with Cricket (although you should check yourself on their site). Not on Marshmallow yet, but supposed to get it soon. Camera isn't great, but Moto's also not known for cameras either.

    07-06-2016 01:46 PM

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