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    I have a Galaxy S6 (not Edge) and the pixels on the screen recently began to all turn purple and blue. Within a few hours, the entire screen was black. Samsung is willing to repair it under warranty, but I need to get use some of the apps (backup to cloud, get saved passwords, etc) before I send it in. My touch screen still works fine as I can answer calls and hear the clicking as I tap on the screen.

    I downloaded the Vysor extension and ADB driver for Chrome and now all I need to do is turn on the USB debugging on the phone so that I can mirror my phone onto my PC.

    First, it looks like Vysor sends a notification for you to allow USB debugging. Is anyone installing this and would they be willing to tell me if tapping on the notification approves it, or does it open a menu with a button/toggle?

    If not, is anyone willing to walk me through the process of opening the developer options and enabling USB debugging by taking screenshots of each step so I can know where to tap on the screen? I'm hoping that most of the items can be selected by either scrolling all the way to the bottom of the menu or not scrolling at all.
    07-06-2016 05:20 PM

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