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    I've recently got a new phone ( Samsung S7 ) and when I connect it to my computer (Windows 7 ) the mouse stops working and I have to switch the box off and on again to be able to use it. I did manage to get it working once (not sure how) but although the camera showed up as a drive, it didn't show the memory card or Internal stuff so I couldn't have look at anything. I tried a different mouse and had the same problem. When I connect it to my laptop (Windows 10 ) everything's fine. I didn't have this problem with any other phone I've had.
    Hope someone can help me because at the moment I'm having to download stuff to the lap top and the transfer it to the PC which is a pain !!
    Thank you x
    07-07-2016 03:23 AM
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    Hello. Do you have the Samsung Smart Switch program on the pc so it has the correct drivers.
    When you first connect, you need to pull down the notification shade and change USB Options to MTP.
    It normally defaults at Charging Mode but it sounds like it's on PTP mode if you are seeing it as a Camera.

    Media Transfer Protocol = MTP
    Photo Transfer Protocol = PTP

    I somehow think I missed something in your question
    07-07-2016 06:46 AM

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