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    My 2.5 year old nexus 5 is having issues with the power button causing ongoing reboot at odd time. So I need to replace it but don't want to be stuck with a 2 year contract in Canada. To get a Samsung Galaxy S7 this would mean paying about $250 up front + taking on a premium package at $80 - $85 per month + 15% taxes... So I'm looking at the Nexbit Robin and the Oneplus 3. The Amoled screens are really nice but going with the Oneplus 3 is probably $100 - $150 more expensive than the Nexbit Robin... What about OS updates? ... What about cpu and gpu? Which one would you buy?

    Keep up the good work,
    07-07-2016 09:36 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    There is no replacing the Nexus 5.
    Have you considered a repair?
    07-07-2016 10:06 AM
  3. Lacker20's Avatar
    I recently purchased the Nextbit Robin for similar reasons I didn't want to go on contract in Canada.

    For me, the lack of a physical button on the front screen and lower price of the Robin were the reasons why I took this device.

    So far I have really enjoyed this phone and have been surprised by battery life. I don't really play games but manage to get 3 to 4.5 SOT over a 12-16 hour period. I use it mainly for communication (4 emails, BBM, text) and social media. Also it is compact but the screen is still big enough.
    07-08-2016 07:28 AM

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