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    My WiFi and cell phone service is not fast enough and everywhere I go in my area of electronics stores act like I'm talking about a unicorn or something?
    07-07-2016 10:53 AM
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    These days wifi is faster than a wired connection.
    I'd like some of what you've been smoking please.
    07-13-2016 02:38 AM
  3. wolfgentleman's Avatar
    Yes. I meant to come back to this and write "can be". It didn't sound right.

    Though I don't think it's entirely incorrect. Depends what you have.


    I was thinking of older long threads here on AC comparing speeds.

    I also sometimes try hotel ethernet which is slower than their wifi.

    Start a new thread on this with someone who knows what they're talking about
    Lol. I think public internet like hotels will run different for filtering reasons, but under normal circumstances - using equivalent WiFi and Ethernet cards, using same providers in the same location, wired will not only be faster, but more secure.
    07-13-2016 05:37 AM
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    I think for the purposes of this OP's question, where a thought occurred that connecting a device directly to an ethernet cable via some adapter would be better than a slow wifi connection presumably from the same supply, this answer - though rushed - was sufficient.

    You should try answering a few of these quickie questions, seriously - it's addictive, and there's more people needed.

    Many of us have just stuck around after learning a bit about our own first devices, and there's very few experts here. There are though many with gained knowledge and some are very experienced in certain areas.

    All these questions cannot be answered by the better responders so they appreciate a first response from anyone like me.

    Give it a shot, or check out the AC forums you want to join in.
    I was actually searching for a way to access USB Ethernet settings on my s5. That's when I came across this and about pissed myself laughing so hard at the prospect of WiFi being faster than an RJ45 cable. Sure, if it was like an ancient NIC card versus modern WiFi, but even the newest WiFi doesn't reach the theoretical speed of 1000 Mbps. It's like the SATA III "6Gbps" connection. We have no 6Gbps devices on the market. How did they brew that up if our fastest drive is like 0.6Gbps? It's all theory. By time we reach that speed there'll be one "10 times faster" with nothing to test it. My house barely holds functioning WiFi or cell signal. I get 3/5 cellular bars outside my house, but if I walk through the door it drops to 0. I have 2 bars of WiFi right now and I'm mere feet from the router. Even in homes that don't seem to be made of 96% lead and 4% copper, I still have a far superior connection over RJ45. Don't get me wrong, WiFi has it's appeal.

    Anyway... I digress. I participate in various forums every now and then between work, sleep, and Pokémon Go 😛 I'll see about participating more on AC
    07-13-2016 06:38 AM

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