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    so iv have this phone for quite some time and today i put in a car charger that has 1.0A and another that is at 2.1A. By accident i put it in the 2.1A ( phone only supports 1.0A) and ever since it just has been turning on and off. it seems like its trying to do a reboot but it keeps on doing the same thing of turning on and off with one vibration. iv tried doing a hard reboot and nothing, also a factory rest with by pressing down the power bottom and the bottom volume button for 10s and nothing all it does is the same thing that is turning on and off with one vibration. i guessing it's the battery but I'm not so sure. if it was the battery it would not turn on at all? i need help. Please and thank you.
    07-07-2016 07:30 PM

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