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    Hi there.

    I have the same exact problem this person has:


    The Wifi used to turn itself on after a lot of restarts, but right now it just doesn't anymore. Yes, there's no MAC address in the settings. I'm pretty sure it's a hardware issue.

    Of course all the repair shops and their mothers will say get a new one, but really, I'd rather fix this one than get yet another one, especially since I don't use it at all as a phone, just for a few apps.

    Every "repair shop" is actually a bunch of guys who figured out how to use screwdrivers and replace parts with connectors. That's not proper service shop. If you're a service shop, you replace components on PCBs. And you re-do wiring on damaged PCBs.

    There might be someone who says oh, I'd do it but I don't have a spare Wi-Fi chip. I do have a spare. I got a second LG G2 because the first one got liquid damage. Of course, nobody would fix it. The phone still works wonderfully, except it doesn't display anything. The shops said the PCB around the connector was damaged so badly, there's now a hole there. So I said ok, instead of replacing the PCB (and losing all data because the battery and storage on the G2 are non-removable) it's cheaper to just get another used one.
    The one not displaying anything works fine, connects to wi-fi instantly, as it always has. So the replacement chip is there, waiting to be transplanted if needed.

    The problem might be far easier to do - the phone with the busted wi-fi might get fixed if someone just re-solders the chip in place. Not an easy task, of course, but the chip might even be functional. The lack of wifi was intermittent, just that not functioning became more frequent until it died completely. If the wifi chip itself is dead, I have a spare on the other phone anyway. Just need the technician who would do this.

    "Oh, just get another phone!" No. Not a third phone, in the hope that this one will work. And two dead ones that still work fine except for one problem. Ideally, I would fix both, actually. Someone might look at the PCB and say okay, I can repair that PCB. I'm guessing India has people who would rather fix than replace - I have seen how they fixed a coil needed to start a car. Everyone in a "civilized" society would replace it or at the very least re-wire the whole thing.
    I have no problem mailing the phone to anyone willing to do this fix and pay them. Naturally, I'd pay via Paypal.

    Please, please help if you can.
    07-07-2016 09:34 PM
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    Service shops that can accurately diagnose a phone and replace the parts probably still exist - but it's going to cost more than replacing the phone. Just diagnosing the problem will probably cost more than a new phone.

    And the repair consists of replacing the entire motherboard, which gets rid of all your apps. (If your contacts are on Google Contacts, you can restore your contacts from the server, otherwise you have a lot of typing in your future.)
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    07-08-2016 02:04 PM

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