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    i was getting bored of the emojis on my samsung phone so i decided i would switch the system emoji font into ios phones. i got .rar files when i searched in the internet and i extracted them in es file explorer. i followed the directions like in permissions and stuff. i kept rebooting and rebooting, waiting for changes to happen in my phone but nothing happened. i think it got worse because when i press the emojis in my go keyboard, there are just spaces in the chat box like in the sms or when im posting something in twitter and i really like emojis so they're kind of important hahaha. anyway, i got really frustrated so i deleted one similar file which was actually the original life. i can't say if it was accidental or just really out of frustration. Help me please. I will do anything to read emojis again on my phone, i will even be fine with the original android emojis. Thanks a lot
    07-08-2016 08:59 AM
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    Emojis are pairs of text that the app interprets into a picture - each emoji app interprets different text into different emoji pictures, you can't just mix and match. Go back to the original file and stay with that until someone comes out with a more universal emoji set.
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    07-08-2016 06:06 PM

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