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    I'm trying to decide between:
    Tab S 10.5
    Note 2014 edition
    Note Pro 12.2
    Tab S2 9.7

    The most important thing for me is the screen. I want to use it primarily for video. Like a mini-HDTV. Movies, TV, videos, youtube, games, pictures, etc.

    I've read all great things about TFT, LCD and Amoled, but which is best for watching HD videos/movies? Again.. like a mini-HDTV.

    I really like the S-Pen built in, but can I just buy an S-Pen for the other devices to do writing, signing, drawing, etc?

    I'm very fond of the Tab S2 9.7 because it's light and thin. However, the resolution and flipping it sideways to watch videos worries me.

    Pro 12.2 is intriguing because of the size. However, I wory that it's too big and also too big for the ppi.

    I'm not a tech guy. Any advice, suggestions and additional info is greatly appreciated.
    07-08-2016 02:38 PM

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