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    My android phone has just upgraded itself and lost my photos and it's saying that my sd card is corupt, I'm no computer wiz, just someone who uses her phone to take the odd photo, I like my phones old system but it just seems to upgrade itself when it feels like it, really annoying, I really want my photos back as there are some of happy times and family, can anyone help
    Thank you X
    07-09-2016 02:20 AM
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    OK, as for your device upgrading and updating itself whenever it wants to, there should be a way to turn that off when you go to the settings menu and find device info or about and then click software updates. It should have a way to turn the automatic updates off. As for your card I am not sure...Maybe it really just didn't like having an operating system rebuild itself while it was in there? I always take mine out just to be careful whenever I plan on updating. If you have a card reader on your computer put your sd card in it and see if you can pull your photos off that way. Or, alternativvely, if you happen to have an old phone or tablet lying around try to put it in that device and see if it still says it is corrupt. I feel for you and your photos. I just had a 128 gb sd card die on me yesterday. Lucky enough, I had just backed up my stuff the day before...Also, if you are using google photos it is more than likely uploading your photos as you take them to your google drive where you can access them even if they are deleted off your device. Hope I can help.

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    07-09-2016 03:00 AM

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