1. AC Question's Avatar
    I just bought a tablet huawei mediapad m2-801w. It runs on Android 5.1.1. After establishing a working link with Google, I have now access to Gmail, Google Calendar, Chrome webs, Google Keep, etc. i.e. I have access to ALL Google apps and services EXCEPT for Google Contacts, which do not want to synch. How can I solve the problem?
    07-09-2016 04:09 AM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Hi, when you say it doesn't want to sync - are you able to see contacts in the sync settings?
    07-09-2016 04:50 AM
  3. Another tall guy's Avatar
    07-09-2016 10:21 AM
  4. Another tall guy's Avatar
    No, in "Accounts" I can of course see "Google" (as well as Dropbox, Whatsapp, etc.), but not especifically "Contacts"... or any of the other Google services (say Gmail, for example), for that matter.
    07-09-2016 11:43 AM
  5. the tall guy's Avatar
    Hi, thanks for creating an account - what happens if you click into Google - can you see it then?
    07-09-2016 03:50 PM
  6. Another tall guy's Avatar
    Hi! No, I cannot. But unless I am looking at the wrong place, I cannot see any specific Google service being mentioned (like Gmail or Keep). I did not mention before that I bought the tablet in China (I am actually traveling in China as we chat, not always with wifi available, hence my late replies). Since Google is not allowed in this country, I access it through a VPN. But I would understand that I did not have any Google services... or all of them, but not some yes and some not...
    07-10-2016 02:41 AM

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