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    So I was going about my business, scrolling through tumblr (the website on Chrome) and suddenly the screen turned blue. Just completely blue for five seconds then black. It wouldn't turn back on, and this kind of problem happened before except that I never actually saw it happen. So I assumed I could just reinsert the battery and reboot it like the other times it happened but this time, it won't turn on at all.

    It's completely unresponsive. I've held the power button for over 2 minutes and no sign of life. I've removed and reinserted the battery multiple times. I tried plugging it in and nothing happened, even when I left it to charge. I tried multiple button combinations to get into recovery mode or safe mode, didn't work. Not even download mode works. I took it apart to look for any loose connectors but they all seemed to be intact. Does anyone know what's happening? I can't really get another phone for a long while.

    Using a rooted LG G3 running CrDroid.
    LS990 from Sprint.
    The battery was around 95% at the time. (I left it charging overnight, so it was stuck at 100% for a few hours. I know that's bad for it, but I fell asleep!)
    07-09-2016 11:58 AM

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