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    For the past few months my phone has been really annoying the crap out of me. I would be doing something in a game and suddenly the screen will go black and I am back on the home screen. My phone has done this in a few different apps and I ended up deleting one of my favorite games that I loved to play with my friends because of this. It is infuriating because I cant do anything in these apps since when it kicks me out it doesn't "remember" anything I did in the app before it kicked me out. It takes me and hour to do 5 minutes worth of work, and thats if I'm lucky.

    I've taken my phone to my carriers local store but none of them were able to help me. It cant be due to lack of storage, its an 35GB phone with 16.83GB available.

    My phone is a Droid Razor Max HD and my carrier is Verizon if that helps.
    07-09-2016 05:10 PM

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