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    Hello, I'm having a bit of trouble with my phone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, and recently a screen to take a picture or video/send a picture/video keeps coming up. I don't know how to close it the only thing that seems to work for about a minute is the home button, using the recents button opens up the layers of other apps behind it however the screen remains. It keeps coming up when I do close it, it's very unnerving. I could accidentally send a picture or video to someone when this randomly comes up, and I can come up and not-so-great moments. I don't know if I actually sent a picture or video to anyone, I don't think I have, however I have noticed either by clicking through the app (clicking somewhere on the app and click on something else that is below the app "layer") 4X feature of the app, that it accidentally made a call, which is on unerving, and I could call someone I do not mean to call at the moment, it seems to have opened contacts another time is well. It's very annoying and I'd like to get it to stop (also because it open to the phone app, I have wondered if it is a video call ffeatue/visual voice mail, I don't have the newest version of Android and I don't think I have that feature on my phone app, but in the current situation it's a possibility). It does appear to be in the sort of widget like fashion of Facebook Messenger and I have noticed I have been using Facebook Messenger when it happens. I have not clicked on the send the photos button or anything like that ever when in the app I have simply been typing a message or not even typing it, Iv been looking at messages ( I have tried to swipe up when it is open, and while this works while it is opening, it does not work through the duration of it being open). It's very annoying because could accidentally send something and I'd like to get it to stop, or at least figure out what is how to get it to stop (close and not reopen) and how to tell if I accidentally sent a message.
    07-12-2016 12:21 PM
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    You say that it is not the camera app...? So it's another app, picture fx, 360 camera, etc etc, that uses the camera but is not the native camera app, is that correct? Are you able to tell what app it is? I mean it's not hiding it's identity or anything and this isn't an ad in any way, correct? What app is it?

    Back in the day of physical buttons I would have said that something was pressing your camera button causing it to turn on. Some devices can use the vol buttons to do this these days and a handful still have dedicated camera buttons, but those are few it seems. Anyway, it sounds like a rouge app but such persistence even for an app trying to sell you something seems a bit extreme, however it a malicious app or a poorly written app could have changed the vol buttons to camera buttons and you could be incidentally hitting one of them. Look in the settings for the app and see if there are settings that turn the vol buttons into camera buttons. Also go back and look at the reviews for this app. Look at the 1 and 2 star reviews for other people having this issue. If it's not your native app, as I believe you have stated, you may just want to uninstall it or disable it for a short time to see if the problem persists. Or simply replace it....
    07-12-2016 12:55 PM
  3. The Floating Brain's Avatar
    Hello, thank you for the reply! :-) I did a test, and I found out that it is indeed Facebook Messenger. It happens when the camera goes full screen (from the widget, maybe the app, I don't remebrr, but I tested both to see which it was, I did not get the problem either time). However most of the time I'm able to press the back button and get out of the full screen camera, however sometimes it glitches out and won't close, it's entirely possible that accidentally pressing the camera button but I'm usually pretty careful with my movements on the keyboard and usually note mistakes, I don't think I'm pressing the button that's entirely possible it seems to randomly open though. If I recall correctly I think I might have been just scrolling through messages one time. The only solution I know of thus far is to restart the phone.
    07-12-2016 08:39 PM

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