1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hi, i have had my galaxy s3 for about three years now and its starting to show its age. I want to root to be able to get rid of all the bloat ware Samsung puts on and to clean up my phone in general. My google searching turned up a program call king root but after some reading, some people said it was sending data to a server in china.I wanted to know if king root is a reliable source...really don't want to brick my phone
    07-12-2016 10:06 PM
  2. Princedede's Avatar
    With kingroot u can get root access but u won't be able to install custom roms. My advice is google search "root galaxy s3" u can also includr the android version on it to get easy answers. S3 is not that difficult to root and install custom recovery.
    07-13-2016 04:15 AM

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