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    Okay, interesting scenario here. Iv'e had a few issues with this phone but nothing I could not fix by looking up solutions on Google. I'll give it order of what I think may be important.

    Droid Turbo/Not rooted (nor has it ever been)/Totally up-to-date.

    Downloaded Pokemon GO (yes, the real version)
    My phone works all weekend.
    I drop my phone on Sunday while "catchin' em all". I have a Defender Otterbox on it so no external damage. My phone was still working up until it died due to Pokemon GO'ing all day.

    Get home, charge up my phone and power it on. It shows the "M" Logo, then the Droid flash screen. My phone STAYS on the Droid logo screen for a long time.

    After that I either got a super long black screen and nothing else, or I got a super long black screen followed by optimizing apps for 30 mins - 1 hour.

    Monday, at about 2am, I finally got my phone booted up and started trouble shooting. I uninstalled the last few apps I had installed, wiped the cache partition. And yet apps still got optimized, if I even got to that screen at all. I finally got it to turn on and stay on so I gave up and let it charge overnight.

    I work nights, my commute to work was music-less on Monday because whenever I tried to open up Spotify (only to find out later it happens with every app) my phone would freeze up, tell me "xyz is not responding, would you like to close it?" I'd tap yes, then try again and again. I stopped the processes in the app manager, I tested other apps. From the Chick-Fil-A app to Evernote, same freezing or not responding. My phone was sluggish and if I finally got an app to open the first thing I clicked on equaled freezing and not responding.

    Fast forward to my commute home... Everything is working just fine. My battery was at about 10% after leaving it on all day at work. But I made it to my car, plug in the charger (a non "turbo" charger) and got to listen to Spotify on the way home, I even got some Pokemon GO in as I walked through the door. I plug my phone in and go to bed.

    Same things happened yesterday/today... During my trip to work it freezes and acts a fool, on my way home, everything is fine. Today, My battery was at about 30% when I got off work so I didn't plug it in immediately when I got home. I browsed Facebook, Imgur, etc with no issue. Then I plugged it in to charge while I browse and it starts acting up shortly after.

    A factory reset is my second to last resort. I'd rather come to you guys just in case that won't help. My knowledge when it comes to cell phones is "ever so slightly" above average. So if you ask me to do something, please include instructions or links.

    So could my battery be causing all of this? It seems to be working fine when the battery is low. If so, could I possibly fix it? Could it be from dropping it? Or something totally different? Maybe overheating from charging? Has anyone ever had an issue like this with any phone?
    07-13-2016 04:27 AM

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