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    I rooted my device originally because it was slower than a constipated fat man. It's now fast as heck. I heard that I can stop paying for IAPs (In app purchases) I then got Lucky Patcher. I need to patch the play store for LVL emulation and IAPs. There is a warning that sas "If you patch a system app, it could soft brick your phone". Thinking it over, it probably couldn't. But I want to be safe. So could it?
    07-13-2016 06:21 PM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    Hi, welcome to the forums! Unfortunately, discussion of ways to circumvent paid content, including the use of Lucky Patcher is prohibited within the forums. You can check out out our Community Rules & Guidelines here. I'm not sure if it can brick your phone or not - but one of the reasons that we discourage the use of Lucky Patcher is because many, if not all, iterations of it out in the wild contain malware and obviously rooting your device and allowing the installation of third party apps are breaking two of the primary tools Android has available to keep your phone secure. So I can't in good conscience say that it is safe to use.
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    07-13-2016 06:57 PM

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