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    I am interested in porting my number to voice. I am a salesman at a retailer that sells att, verizon, and sprint, and I have att service, not in a contract or next installment plan (with a 5X) I can easily add a smartphone line to get a new number, put that sim in my phone and port my real number (that all friends, family, co-workers have) to voice.
    I don't intend to get Google Fi because I get an extremely nice discount on my att service.

    So the question is what **disadvantages** would I encounter should I do this? I know all sms and mms flow through hangouts and hangouts and messaging with regards to google is a general mess. Calls out of the hangouts dialer on devices without a sim go through google voice,
    while I have to ask how do I place a call on my 5X with the new number so that it doesn't confuse friends by looking like a new unknown number? The hangouts dialer? and does that mean every call becomes a data call?

    Mainly I like the idea of being able to answer sms messages on all my devices and from the computer without 3rd party stuff.

    Anything else I should know?
    07-13-2016 07:16 PM

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