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    My phone was in my car today in the 100 degree plus heat. After turning it on, it was running fine, but in the middle it shut down and began doing the infinite boot loop (it would show the Samsung screen, then the Spring screen, then reboot - over and over).

    When I got home, I went into Android system recovery (volume up, home and power pressed together) and selected "wipe data/factory reset"- that did not fix the problem.

    Next, I went back to the system recovery menu and selected "wipe cache partition" - that did not fix the problem.

    In fact, now the phone only boots to the Samsung screen before rebooting repeatedly (i.e. the Spring screen is no longer displayed).

    I have tried the other options in the Android system recovery menu, but it is unable to apply an update since I wiped the cache.

    I will also note that when the phone is in the Android system recovery, the "No command" message is displayed in the background with an image of the android bot laying down with a red triangle popping out of its chest.

    Are there any other things I can try to get this phone working again? I can't believe that it being overheated would lead to this dramatic of an issue.
    07-14-2016 06:46 PM

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